Sirius Purge

I have had enough of Sirius XM, and I started the purge today, by shutting off the first of my radios, and will continue to drop the other 3 as they approach renewal, with the last being the one in my truck which expires 2/1/2011.

I am thoroughly convinced these guys running Sirius have no clue on what is going around them. I don’t think they understand how much they industry has changed in the past few years, or how much it will change in the coming years. They need to get away for the hardware, something they do badly, and concentrate on the content. All the cross promotion needs to go away, I could care less what’s on the elvis channel, and I could care even less about what Richard Blade did last night or what pathetic mundane problem is ruining Madison’s life today, shut up and play music.

I bought Sirius for one thing and one thing only, Howard Stern… I was perfectly happy with what XM was playing in my  truck on the way to and from work, and when I got to work I wanted to listen to Howard, but even Howard is starting to bore me, it almost seems formulaic, all the spontaneity seems going,  and I am even more pissed when it appears that Howard killed  the availability of 100 and 101 from the iPhone app, he claims to be a company guy, yeah right… I feel that Howard will continue broadcasting, but not on Sirius, but some other method of delivery, and thats where I’ll probably end up…

The other thing is where are all the cost savings, the converged content, the improved capabilities that were promised from the merger, look at all the new hardware, it all appears to be XM branded, only working on XM, and you have to add the Best of sirius…

Going forward I am going to start taking the money I would have spent on Sirius, and continue to grow my iTunes Library, so that in a year I’ll have what I want to listen to when I want to listen to it without being annoyed by silly top 40 radio tactics…






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  1. Goodtime Avatar

    If you still have a SiriusXM Internet Radio, or XM Radio Online, or Sirius Internet Radio account, I started reviving StarLight which is current as a public beta on All new code. New features are in the works. Most of this app is in Cocoa.

    You can also get a trial account if you’re no longer a subscriber.

    Send me an email for more info.

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