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  • Sirius Purge

    I have had enough of Sirius XM, and I started the purge today, by shutting off the first of my radios, and will continue to drop the other 3 as they approach renewal, with the last being the one in my truck which expires 2/1/2011. I am thoroughly convinced these guys running Sirius have no […]

  • uSirius Starplayer iPhone Preview released…

    Just got the preview loaded on my iPhone, and will mess around with it on my trip today, and report back later… On an initial first look, it looks like they took care of the majority of feature requests and I assume the few minor bugs that existed… The “Auto Tune” feature is a great […]

  • Sirius-ly Stupid…

    It is obvious to me that there is absolutely no drug testing going on at Sirius, for talent or management, maybe for the technical staff, because they seem to be the only ones that are doing anything right at sirius.  I have been pummeled all freaking day with COMMERCIALS on commercial free Sirius, about the freaking superbowl […]

  • Sirius-ly Disappointed

    First things first…. I am a Sirius subscriber, a Sirius stock holder, a Sirius XM merger supporter, and a sucker! I have fair amount of Sirius stock. that I paid about $2.50 to $3.00 a share, and at if I were to sell it all now, I think I could pay for  couple months subscriptions […]