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  • Big Change Is Afoot…

    Big Change Is Afoot…

    Change I think it is time to change things up here. Have been doing a lot of traveling, local and international, and I have taken a lot of pictures of some cool stuff, and cool stuff to me… I have already started, take a look at what I wrote about the Czech National Technical Museum. […]

  • Czech Technical Museum

    Czech Technical Museum

    About The Czech Technical Museum in Prague (Národní technické muzeum) consists of over 14 permanent exhibitions as well as several seasonal or temporary exhibits. Offsite there is also the Railroad Museum, and Mining museum. History The Czech Technical Museum (Národní technické muzeum) was established in 1908 and has been in its current location since 1941, […]

  • Mayor Sessoms is Delusional, and it’s contagious!

    Mayor Sessoms is Delusional, and it’s contagious!

    Mayor Sessoms is Delusional, and it’s contagious! and he’s going to spend millions of Virginia Beach Taxpayer trying to woo Amazon to open their new “Co-Headquarters” in Virginia Beach. That will never happen, because Amazon wants: The company wants to be near a metropolitan area with more than a million people. (Ok they do meet […]

  • CNN, WTF

    Stuck as a captive audience in ATL with CNN on almost every screen, and I see promo after promo for non news programming, cooking shows, travel shows, cooking travel shows, gardening shows… Are they going the way of MTV, and not having any news on their channels fake or otherwise, just like MTV has no […]

  • Insanity

    people ask me all the time, why did you move to Kenbridge Virginia… the answer is simple, I didn’t want to be one of these knuckleheads doing this every freaking night!

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