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  • Sirius Purge

    I have had enough of Sirius XM, and I started the purge today, by shutting off the first of my radios, and will continue to drop the other 3 as they approach renewal, with the last being the one in my truck which expires 2/1/2011. I am thoroughly convinced these guys running Sirius have no […]

  • Satellite Radio On My Bike

    I have been thinking about riding my bike to work, more to get in shape then gas prices, I use 1 gallon of gas to get to and from work, and my commute driving is ~10 minutes each way, riding my bike would make it about 35 minutes each way, and since I make more […]

  • Starplayr 2.0.8

    A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to download Starplayr2, even though it was an alpha version it was rock solid, some minor issues that were addressed quickly by the author Goodtime. It was my schedule over the past week that kept me out of the loop this past week, and apparently a […]

  • StarPlayr2 (Mindy Returns)

    I have been busy, the past couple weeks, and kind of missed the initial news on StarPlayr2, but busy is a good problem to have. I did eek out the time to download and install Starplayr2 Alpha 4, and the only thing I can say is that if you liked Starplayr1, you will love StarPlayr2… […]

  • Sirius Players for Mac…

    Been messing around with both STARPLAYR, and SIRIUSMAC for a while now… The basic issue is that I am in an office that faces East South East, about the worst place to be to pick up any satellite broadcast set for the continental United States. I think if I wanted to work for it and […]