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  • Hypocrisy of Howard

    I’ve been listening to since he came to San Diego, with a short hiatus when I relocated to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, until he became available on satellite. I have really enjoyed all these years, but it is becoming increasingly hard to put up with the increasingly formulaic show. Lately I have noticed […]

  • Sirius Purge

    I have had enough of Sirius XM, and I started the purge today, by shutting off the first of my radios, and will continue to drop the other 3 as they approach renewal, with the last being the one in my truck which expires 2/1/2011. I am thoroughly convinced these guys running Sirius have no […]

  • Sirius iPhone App FAIL 2.0

    I’m wondering as a Sirius customer, and a stock holder, does the management of Sirius really understand their customers? I am thinking the answer there is no. No one I know wants to hear freaking DJ’s babble on about their wedding DJ business, or how they can’t find the right man. That’s what terrestrial radio […]

  • Why No iPhone App Mention On Howard

    So after listening to Howard, and the wrapup show, and no mention of the sirius iPhone app whatsoever… Now go back about 6 months when the starplayr app was in beta, and the excitement from Howard and how great it would be for Sirius bla bla huge potential for more subscribers bla bla… So what […]

  • Mel’s All Heart…

    Sorry been busy, way behind, but this from OrbitCast has been bouncing around my brain for the past couple weeks… Mel Karmazin forfeits 30 million in stock options Lets see Mel had 30 Million options valued at $4.72 a share, SIRI is now trading at 34 Cents a share. As I understand it (from past […]