Starplayr 2.0.8

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to download Starplayr2, even though it was an alpha version it was rock solid, some minor issues that were addressed quickly by the author Goodtime.

It was my schedule over the past week that kept me out of the loop this past week, and apparently a lot of activity on the starplayr front. I was running 2.0.2 while I was on a business trip to Philadelphia, and due to crappy connectivity at the hotel, I was using a wireless broadband which was also kind of sketchy, so I had some experience with low bandwidth situations, that I normally don’t experience.

There was some funkyness, that may have been addressed in the 6 subsequent updates to Starplayr2 that I missed through the week. The most annoying one was upon the wireless broadband reestablishing a dropped connection, Starplayr would restart the stream from a point several minutes to the connection being lost. The wrap-around thing with the buffer that I wrote about earlier is still there, but I understand that processing a live stream, is a bit of a challenge, and the fast forward seek 3 minutes is a great way to get back to the live part of the stream, and that only seems to happen if you double click on of the fast forward buttons. Maybe a beginning of buffer end of buffer thing, like command click the 3 Min forward/reverse button, just s suggestion…

Liking the smaller screen footprint, not liking the 20 presets I use 8, and I don’t know many people that use more then that actually most use less, a setting in preferences might be a good idea, to reclaim even more screen real estate. I am running 4 Macs currently, all with different screen sizes, from an black MacBook to a 30″ cinema display, and on all of them I covet my screen real estate.

Ok a suggestion, the windows zoom could be zoomier…
All of the buttons below the volume/pause bar should go away when using the small window

What it looks like now…

To something like this

Maybe even…

Dang, I am whining an awful lot about what is essentially a totally awesome FREE program, that completely blows away any of the alternatives, including the windows player. I have a windows machine on my desk at work, that I use very rarely under duress with a gun to my head. I was going to put it to good use as a Sirius Player, but it was a nightmare dealing with it, so it sits there usually doing something stupid.

I have not had a chance to mess with the StarCast features much in 2.x yet, but I am in town most of the week, I think, so I’ll try replacing the scripts that I have running StarPlayr 1 this week, and see how it goes.

Now I’m feeling all guilty, and stuff, don’t hate me GoodTime, I really do love StarPlayr. I guess I should kick down another $20…






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  1. Goodtime Avatar

    Thank you for another review of StarPlayr2.

    Give 2.0.18 a shot, this is our most stable build. The wrap around problem should not be there. StarPlayr should reset the stream via Instant Replay or the Live Stream of it loses a connection.

    As far as the mini view. We are doing out best to make it as small as possible. However there are some limitations in scaling a window to that size with text views within the ‘hidden’ tab views. If we scale the window too small, the text views jump up to the top of screen like the Song Lyrics. At this time this is the smallest that we are going to make it. We may add another mini window in the future.

    Our goal in recent updates have been on Stability and we think we accomplished this on StarPlayr2 2.0.18.

    For the zoomier thing. This is an AppleScript Studio, if we get to too fancy it can freeze up the UI and become unresponsive. We are keeping it simple.

    And for the presets. The majority of our feedback users asked for 20-30 presets. We gave them 20. You can however, view anywhere from 3 to 10 presets by cycling the player to show just one column via the ‘Channel that is playing icon button’.

    No I don’t hate you and this review was actually pretty good and fair. For a one person show and doing this in my spare time, I am very pleased how things are progressing. StarPlayr is only six months old. I’d like to see any big company produce something this good in six months time using a only part time employee working 15-20 hours a week.

    As I said , we are very pleased with 2.0.18 being our fastest and most stable version. This one can tune in 3 seconds time. It also remembers the volume to the next station.. allowing us not having to mute and we no longer have to do a bunch of magic tricks to make the volume controls on startup work properly.

    Give 2.0.18 a try and I think you’ll be happy with most of what it has to offer. We are moving back it back to Tiger next month and will be working on StarPlayr2.1 for Leopard after that. There is still alot more to come in the StarPlayr saga. We really feel that we are just getting started.

    iPhone version is around the corner. NiceMac LLC is working together with GeeksToolBox is make it happen and we have a new developer on our team devoting his time off this summer to it. We are growing, slow and steady.

    gt ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Paul Avatar

    I have been trying to keep up with your updates…
    I was mostly happy with 2.0.8, I had some time to mess with .11 and just got 16 the other day,but I have 18 now, and will endeavor to check it out…

    The Preset thing is cool, and works great, as far as the feed back asking for 30 presets, were those the same as the people that said to dump Mindy from the icon…

    And yes you are absolutely correct on big companies trying to do something rapidly, I totally agree, I used to work for a HUGE conglocorp, via acquisition, and spent more time in meetings then doing my job, rolling out updates and changes were impossible, glad to be back in small business world again… ๐Ÿ™‚

    StarPlayr 2.x.x is great, keep up the good work, and I’ll try to keep up with up upgrades…

  3. goodtime Avatar


    There appears to be a problem with the Sound Monitor (the routine that checks if the stream is actually streaming) and Instant Replay.

    Live streams were tested repeatedly but it appears we overlooked Instant Replay (it used to at one time). We will troubleshoot it and see if we can get it fixed up again.

    To avoid the looping turning off instant replay is the way to go in 2.0.18 until we can get a fix on it.

    Also not to mention we are not professional programmers. I am a photoshop color specialist by day. Code weaver by night.


    gt ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. goodtime Avatar

    Darn. I had two really good extra comments that were positive.. but both got blown out because I entered the captcha wrong and it does not let my go back. Darn spammers, if it was not for them the captcha’s would not be necessary. Next time I need to remember to copy and paste.

    About the mindy thing, you are right about that one. Some wanted mindy to leave again after she came back. lol

    Have a good one!

    gt ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Paul Avatar

    Its not you, this is running on MovableType, and it has not been behaving for me…
    Going to return to WordPress as soon as I have the time, to many projects going on…

    Never trust anyone that doesn’t like dogs, and Never Ever trust anyone that dogs don’t like…
    That saved me from a crazy lady… Dog didn’t like her, and she didn’t like the dog, dumped her the next day, she went on to do really crazy stuff…

  6. goodtime Avatar

    My wife’s a crazy lady and her dog (Mindy) loves her. My dog is crazy too. And my wife married and crazy husband.

    I fixed up Instant Replay. It will respond properly when it loses a connection and count down from 10 to 1 and then restart the stream. If you are used to pausing but want to make sure you don’t lose the stream, for now the best option is record as the Stream monitor for instant replay will wipe out the buffer. Eventually, I plan to add a feature that saves the buffer to another file with the name and date. This way the buffer could be replayed even after if the connection is lost.

    For now we are just fixing the Looping problem.

    For simply redownload 2.0.18 on The only change was one word in the code to enable the sound/stream monitor in StarPlayr for the Instant Replay feature. This is why it is not 2.0.19.. it is too minor of a change to give it a new number.

    gt ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Paul Avatar

    See there’s crazy, and then there’s crazy (Criminal insane)…
    Dogs by their nature are crazy, by choice they hang around with people…
    As long as Dogs like you, and you like dogs, that is the basic character test…

    Downloaded the latest, on one machine, I’ll get it on the others later…

    I really like the buffer idea, because that is another pet peeve I have, accidentally hitting one of the tuning or preset buttons when bringing Starplayr to the front, and changing the station, and losing the buffer. Can something be changed so the the button click is not registered, unless the window has focus? i.e. the first click ONLY brings the window to the top?

  8. goodtime Avatar

    There is a problem in and it existed as early as 2.0.16.

    It is a CPU usage bug.

    2.0.11 does not have this bug. It also does not have the most recent fixes, but it does work well in the Live Stream mode.

    We don’t know what is causing the CPU problem and since it is not immediately apparent, we are having to work very slowly and just change one thing at a time and let it run for 1-2 hours. This is really going to slow us down trying to add anything new until we figure out the culprit.

    Our initial thought was 10.5.3 was causing it, but we’ve been able to recompile 2.0.11 on 10.5.3 and run it for several hours without a CPU usage problem.


    Not sure what we can do about accidental clicks.. the tuning buttons you can click and while clicked move the mouse away from the button and it will not click.. presently the preset buttons change on the down click; so a preset when clicked is going to change..

    I’ve been accustomed to moving and grabing windows from the title bar, so this has not been an issue with me at least.

    If we do create a separate mini view or even a mini player all together, it will have very few buttons to push. The bigger StarPlayr2 gets and the more problems that we are having with it. I am leaning towards creating a mini starplayr with fewer bells and whistles.

  9. goodtime Avatar

    CPU issue has been fixed: StarPlayr

    I will consider you accidental click suggestion for an upcoming build. I thought about it and it should be easy enough to do and can easily be turned on or off via StarPlayr’s preferences.

  10. Paul Avatar

    Just put it on the MBP, and it seems solid so far..

    I thought the click thing wouldn’t be that hard, essentially test if the window has focus, but I haven’t doing that level of coding in a while…

  11. Goodtime Avatar

    You are on a MacBook Pro? Can I get your system specs, bus speed, cpu speed and type? Also are you on 10.5.3 and did you install the latest MBP firmware update or not?

    I have a user on NiceMac that is having a spindump issue and I would like to compare your specs with his. (If you don’t mind that is).

    We also did a private x86 test build to see if it clears up his Mplayer spindump issue. We are not sure if it fixed it yet, waiting on feedback.

    gt ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Paul Avatar

    Sure… It is a Mac Book Pro 17 as follows:
    Hardware Overview:

    Model Name: MacBook Pro
    Model Identifier: MacBookPro3,1
    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz
    Number Of Processors: 1
    Total Number Of Cores: 2
    L2 Cache: 4 MB
    Memory: 2 GB
    Bus Speed: 800 MHz
    Boot ROM Version: MBP31.0070.B07
    SMC Version: 1.18f2
    Serial Number: WXXXXXXXX
    Sudden Motion Sensor:
    State: Enabled

    Pretty sure I am patched to current levels across the board…
    One thing I noted the other day is that in Activity Monitor, I have an entry for sp2mplayr (Not Responding) but everything is working fine…

  13. goodtime Avatar

    Interesting, he had the sp2mplayr (not responding) as well and your specs are nearly identical (except for the RAM, he had 4 GB which shouldn’t matter for StarPlayr).

    Run activity monitor and try out See you see a process called spindump kick in when you use starplayr2. Also see if the sp2mplayr not responding shows up again.

    Then try this build out:

    Intel x86 spindump fix for MacBookPro or spindump sufferers (x86 only. not for PowerPC):

    This test build contains what I call a forward compatible build of Mplayer. It was compiled on a SSE2 Pentium M. It’s a barebones pc laptop and does not use SSE3 instructions. We used to always compile mplayer on it until it recently croaked. I was able to tear the laptop apart and get it working to do another compile for the newer volume patched mplayer.

    It should fix the sp2mplayr not responding and any spin dump issues on the MacBook Pro’s. If it proves itself worthy, it will be used in the next StarPlayr update (which I am really holding off awhile on updates. Work is maddening and a bunch of stuff going on for the next month.

    gt ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Paul Avatar

    Ok got the x.18.2i version running, and I am not seeing the spindump on either machine now, but on the Pro I see 2 instances of sp2mplayr, and both are happy…

    I fired up the MacBook (Black) running the regular 18.2 version I see 2 instances of sp2mplayr, and one is in the red (Not Responding), and no spindump…

    Totally understand the work schedule, I am also ramping up, it seems the schedule always accelerates during summer for me…

  15. goodtime Avatar

    So the 18.2i version seems to be work better with no (Not Responding) messages?

    Thanks for testing it.

    I added a few posts on about it. The 18.2i mplayer will be in next month’s release in the universal binary.

    It is amazing how compiling on different processors producing different builds. Part of it has to do with the processor type and what instructions in can handle. The other part is what codecs and libraries and physical hardware is on the machine. Previous builds looked for the Apple remote. I have not figured out how to get the apple remote to talk directly to mplayer, so the newer builds will have the apple remote support removed until I find a way to support it (which will probably be a remote for starplayr and not mplayer itself.)

    Things are crazy busy right now. I am still wondering why my head has not popped off yet.


  16. Paul Avatar

    Seems good so far…

    I have it on the MacBook Pro, and the iMac 24 (The 2 primary listening machines) and I’ll let you know if I see anything funky…

    Why not just set up a Virtual Machine, configure it the way you want/need and just leave it for compiling, that way you’d have total control over the configuration, and not wrestling with a failing piece of hardware…

    The remote would be bonus, but not necessary, I think the only thing I use my remote for is presentations, well actually when others do presentations from my machine… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just remember, busy is a good problem to have…

  17. goodtime Avatar

    Virtualizing Mac OS X is a PITA. Apple does not allow it (they don’t allow hackintoshes either) but it is easier to get Mac OS X running on a supported PC than it is to virtualize it.

    Neither Parallels or VMware’s Fusion supports it. They are afraid of Apple.

    The only thing in the EULA than can be virtualized is Leopard Server. Which what I want to do is virtualize an SSE2 Pentium M running Tiger. Than combination isn’t going to exist in the VM world.

    I could next get VMWare or Parallels to boot up Mac OS X (any version). Always results in the kernel panic or No PAE.

    Yes. It would be easier in theory to virtualize it. The reality is it is still easier to get an old clunker running than run it in a VM.

    I am getting better at cross compiling, and I may be able to take the mplayer config file from my SSE2 box and compile it with the same SDK and settings. That ‘might’ fix the problem. I really don’t know why compiling mplayer using the auto config on an Core 2 Duo processors does work properly on all real macs. Ironically, compiling Mplayer for Intel on unsupported PCs is more compatible than compiling on a Genuine Mac.

    I might one day find out what the culprit is. But getting users who are having problems to send in unedited zipped log files is like pulling teeth. People love to complain but rarely follow through when you ask them to send in a log file a certain directory. And if they do, they either send in the wrong ones or they don’t know how to zip the files up to make them smaller. It is something that is a little frustrating when you try to help out users and you get a cracker jack prize to work with as the info for the problem. (not sayig that you are complaining here, it’s just been my experience lately when doing customer service for starplayr).

    The VM thing is a good suggestion. Only it will probably take much longer getting the proper VM to work then either compiling it on my failing box or figuring out a better way to cross compile it using the Tiger SDK and manually adjusting the config settings.

    The failing box was the quickiest fix for the task at hand, plus I already had it torn apart looking for a short in the internal video cable which I found out has 2-3 shorts in it. F’ing PC manufactures can really put crap inside a PC laptop. It was very thing cable wrapped up for the video with not re-enforcements at either end. After awhile the soddered connections wiggled away each time the laptop was opened and closed. I already was never going to be a PC Desktop again, now I will never but a P laptop again. Not saying that Mac laptops are perfect, but I am 100% more impressed with my 13″ Black MacBook than I am with this 15.4″ hunk of Compaq/HP junk. This was not the only problem that I had with this PC. In the time that I bought it, I had 2 power supplies, battery lasts 1.5 hours from day one, power supply when hooked to an external monitor or TV causing interference, to upgrade the wireless card I had to downgrade to the earliest BIOS, hard drive failed once, power button broke, video went in and out. So for my that is the last straw for any PC product. I even built my own PC but still love Mac hardware better.

    Just Venting…

    gt ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Paul Avatar

    My screwup….
    For some reason I got it in my head that you were doing the compiling on a PC…
    It has been a totally insane week…

    I could have sworn that I saw an article that with the new version of Parallels running on a Leopard Server host, that you will be able to virtualize Leopard, but when, who knows… has been playing nice all weekend on the iMac, the MacBook(s) didn’t even make it out of the bag this weekend…

  19. Goodtime Avatar

    StarPlayr2 is returning to the Mac. Sirius will be supported. Future versions of StarPlayr will become open source.

    Also coming soon is

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