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  • Why No iPhone App Mention On Howard

    So after listening to Howard, and the wrapup show, and no mention of the sirius iPhone app whatsoever… Now go back about 6 months when the starplayr app was in beta, and the excitement from Howard and how great it would be for Sirius bla bla huge potential for more subscribers bla bla… So what […]

  • iPhone App Page of Death

    So here’s the list of leaving my iPhone in the near future… Every app on my iPhone goes to the death page awaiting execution, to date no app has been granted a pardon…. StarPlayr Okay I can’t let go of this one, it was so totally awesome, I can only hope that whatever Sirius comes […]

  • uSirius Starplayer iPhone Preview released…

    Just got the preview loaded on my iPhone, and will mess around with it on my trip today, and report back later… On an initial first look, it looks like they took care of the majority of feature requests and I assume the few minor bugs that existed… The “Auto Tune” feature is a great […]

  • uSirius Starplayr for the iPhone…

    It has been a hectic week, so I am a little late on posting this… As much as I enjoy(ed) starplayr2, I am enjoying the iPhone version so much more. Going to start off with what’s wrong with it, at least what’s wrong that can be changed. This is a fairly short list, and most of my […]

  • An Apology…

    I wrote an entry the other day about StarLite/StarLiteXM, that may have been a bit hasty and a bit unfair. I have had a short discussion with the author of StarPlayr, StarLiteXM etc, and I realize that I did not contact him about this like I thought I had. He has given me some suggestions […]