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So I was the first kid on my block and office to download and install StarPlayr 1.7.7 (Morpheus, Final Release), and what a great improvement over the previous versions.
The addition of StarMP3 Trooper is great, I had a bunch of residual asf files, although I was getting used to using VLC
to listen to the stuff I missed during the day, because of minor issues
in previous versions, and possibly my machine, not doing the conversion
of the entire file…

Here’s a word to the wise, make sure you run through all the steps
of starcasting, via iCal, because the iCal engine when firing up for
the first time, will want your approval because it is a downloaded app.
Happened to me on the first day, but Howard is on vacation, so it was
not a real big deal for me…

For me there are only 2 things lacking…

  1. I would love to see an indicator and some type of controls, to
    deal with buffering (Paws) so that you can fast forward, reverse, jump
    over commercials and such like a starmate or stiletto,  my freaking
    Sirius bill is $30 a month, and I really don’t need to hear another
    “Income at home” commercial
  2. Mindy really needs to return as the icon for StarPlayr, and if not Mindy, I am thinking Bailey…


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I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs. Just to let you know, Mindy will be returning in the next release that due Mid-May.

We have the technology to create a DVR-like experience and it will be in the upcoming release as well.

Thank you for your comments and criticism. Many of your findings in previous betas helped me see what is going wrong and what’s actually working.

I’ve read lots of blogs and comments about StarPlayr, but I consider your blog to be the best gauge in determining if we are headed in the right direction or if StarPlayr is running of course.


StarPlayr Creator
NiceMac LLC


The big question is, are you going to be able to continue in light of Bret Favre’s retirement, or are you going to have to take some bereavement time…:-]

I was suprised about it. I was hoping he was going to do for it one more year. Looks like not picking up Randy Moss a 2nd time was the straw that broke Favres back.

He said that is tired. Probably tired of fighting for good receivers. Don’t get me wrong, he had a good receiving crew, #1 in yards after the catch, but having Moss would have added a threat on the field that would open up many opportunities. Even if they double covered Moss, someone would be open. Plus Moss is great at the long jump ball.

If somehow Green Bay managed to steal Moss from the Patriots around training camp, I would not be surprised if Brett came back one more time.

I am wearing my Favre shirt today. Even if he does not come back, he without a doubt is a legend and will be a hall of famer.

gt 🙂

We have our resident Cheese Head on 24 Hour suicide watch, he’s a Green Bay native so he’s taking it hard.
Look on the bright side Daunte Culpepper is available… 🙂

I am naming my next son that is due in 10 days after Favre. That will be his middle name.

This was planned six months ago before his retirement.

Favre did make headlines all week. If he came back for me more try at the SuperBowl, he would make headlines again.

Go Pack Go! It will not be the same without him. If only the packers could have beaten the NYG’s. It could have been a much happier ending (maybe). Packers looks pretty worn out that game.

gt 🙂

And think poor Warren Sapp retires, and barely a mention…
Makes you wonder if Sapp planned it that way, just fade away…
I am beginning to wonder about your dedication to the Pack, “your next son”, shouldn’t all your children have a packer related name, even the girls…:-)

Cool, I have it installed, and it looks pretty cool, It did hang once, but it could have been my fault, the old version was running in the background…
I has been running about 20 minutes now without issue…

Congrats on the Baby, I was wonder if that is why Brett was talking about un-retiring… 🙂

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