Category: Service

  • Why we are doomed…

    Well I guess the the term “self fulfilling prophecy” come to mind, as well as “‘learned incompetence”  with my experience of getting a couple keys made. My daughter recently moved back to the area for Philadelphia and we needed some keys so that they could have access to our storage spot that they would have […]

  • The US Postal Service Still Striving for Mediocrity

    So how freaking hard is it for the freaking Post Office to deliver a simple package… I placed an order on the 14th of May that was shipped on the 15th of May at 12:48AM that UPS was able to move 946 miles in about 59 hours, an average of about 16 miles per hour. […]

  • Wheres My Prize

    I read on the package and all the signs, and it says 1 in 4 is a winner, but I have 6 tickets here, and I didn’t win

  • Upload Speed, No Problem

    Ok apparently I’m special, in more then then short bus way, everyone else is having problems with the upload speed of their iPhones, on the AT&T network. It seems I have fallen into some strange parallel universe, where I had good coverage before, I now have bad coverage, and where I had bad coverage, I […]

  • It Made It….

    Well after 3 full weeks my package finally made it to kansas, I think that when I looked it up in google maps, I could have walked it there in about the same time frame… Thankfully Garmin used UPS ground to ship it back, and it only took three days to travel the distance. I […]