The US Postal Service Still Striving for Mediocrity

So how freaking hard is it for the freaking Post Office to deliver a simple package…

I placed an order on the 14th of May that was shipped on the 15th of May at 12:48AM that UPS was able to move 946 miles in about 59 hours, an average of about 16 miles per hour. The package was delivered to the Virginia Beach Post at 11:39AM on the 17th of May.

It is now the evening of May 21st and I am approximately 3.5 miles from the post office, and the package still has not arrived, by my math it has taken over 96 hours and the USPS has moved my package at .03 MPH, and slowing…

If you ever have the shipping option of UPS SurePost, don’t pick it, unfortunately I didn’t pay attention and just wen with the default method…Page-01 Page-01UPSP





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