Not AroundMe

So on my drive up to Philly, around Salsbury MD, I decided that I wanted some coffee, along the lines of a “Triple Venti Mocha”, but I wanted something besides Starbucks (FYI there is a grand total of 1 Starbucks on the eastern shore). So I grabbed my handy iPhone and launched “AroundMe” and looked up coffee, digging thru the many Dunkin Donuts, there were several choices. Two were way out of my way, one was right off the freeway, but it was closed weekends, and the two others that were listed were/are apparently out of business, phone disconnected. I decided to extend the the search further North, when the only thing that pops up is the Starbucks in Seaford, the same Starbucks that closed about 6 months ago.
This puts my faith in “AroundMe” in question, as the one time I really needed it, going to try a few lookups around areas I know and try again, but 6 month old data makes me question the data.






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