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  • iPhone MMS is Live!

    MMS is live now available via update on iTunes. 2 second download and a restart and you’re good to go….

  • uSirius Starplayer iPhone Preview released…

    Just got the preview loaded on my iPhone, and will mess around with it on my trip today, and report back later… On an initial first look, it looks like they took care of the majority of feature requests and I assume the few minor bugs that existed… The “Auto Tune” feature is a great […]

  • Not AroundMe

    So on my drive up to Philly, around Salsbury MD, I decided that I wanted some coffee, along the lines of a “Triple Venti Mocha”, but I wanted something besides Starbucks (FYI there is a grand total of 1 Starbucks on the eastern shore). So I grabbed my handy iPhone and launched “AroundMe” and looked […]

  • uSirius Starplayr for the iPhone…

    It has been a hectic week, so I am a little late on posting this… As much as I enjoy(ed) starplayr2, I am enjoying the iPhone version so much more. Going to start off with what’s wrong with it, at least what’s wrong that can be changed. This is a fairly short list, and most of my […]

  • Earthscape Errors

      I have been playing with earthscape for a while now and I still think it is pretty cool app, but needs some work, and a couple of days ago I talked about these errors, but didn’t have any details. Well I made a trip up to DC and had some issues with the accuracy, […]