Earthscape 2.0

A couple of weeks ago, I took a look at the iPhone application earthscape, and since then they have upgraded to version 2.0 available on iTunes. 

They did a lot of nice improvements on the user interface, making it a lot easier to navigate, instead of being spread across several pages, it is all on one main page.

There is a noticeable in the camera control, I did several tests, on the shutter timing to the shutter sound effect, and it is pretty close. On the old version, it seemed that it would take several seconds (3 or 4) after the completion shutter sound effect for the picture to actually be taken, in version 2.0 it seems like the image is done very shortly (< 1 second) after the shutter sound effect.

It also looks like there is an improvement in upload speeds, driving in areas of little or no coverage like Eure North Carolina, no matter what they say there is NO at&t coverage in Eure.

This picture  was taken several hours before it was actually uploaded, and it is within feet on the map of where the picture was take, and this was done while the iPhone indicated “No Service” and earthscape reported that it was unable to contact the server. 

This picture  was taken pretty much where earthscape is reporting it was taken.

I still am having an occasional application crash, usually when uploading a picture, even though the app crashed, it seems the picture gets uploaded about half the time.

It would also be nice to have some documentation, the intro video doesn’t quite cut it.



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2 responses to “Earthscape 2.0”

  1. Tom Churchill Avatar

    Thanks for the review — as you noticed, we dramatically decreased the time between taking a photo and geotagging it. We are as fast as we can make it now, given the control Apple provides us through their official APIs.

    BTW, Check out Earthscape Santa Tracker if you haven’t already — a fun little app we threw together using some of the photos Earthscape users have taken.


  2. admin Avatar

    The app is looking much better, and is responsive. I am seeing that the accuracy is as close as the iPhone will allow, and the issue I’ve had in the past where I was not in server contact and the location reporting at the point where server contact was restored.
    I have had several opportunities since, I wrote the original to use the app, and have noticed a dramatic increase on upload speeds.
    I still can’t believe that you can’t tag the pictures as they are taken, like the iPhone camera app does…

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