Category: Photography

  • BlueSLR Blues

    When I first saw an article about the release of the BlueSLR, I thought that it was a totally cool idea, and more then I was actually looking, the remote shutter and intervalometer were just bonus, when all I wanted was the geotagging pulling the data from my iPhone… The initially announcement was that the […]

  • Why Doesn’t My Eye-Fi Card Work Anymore

    I sent this email to Eye-Fi customer support: My 4G video share card stops working for no apparent reason… I am not just talking about transmitting data, it also stops recording data as well, sometimes turning off and on the camera resolves the issue, other times I have to remove the card and reinsert it… […]

  • Better Time Lapse…

    I used my filter, and a few adjustments, and I think this is a lot better. There are a few flares and some dark spots, trying to figure out what is going to be best to combat it…

  • Adventures In Time Lapse

    I’ve been messing around with some time lapse stuff, mainly pointing the camera out my office window, and letting it rip… This is a series shot at 10 second intervals, and played back at 20 frames per second, its is a thousand frames over  almost 3 hours… The lens flares are because I did not […]

  • Nikon P6000 Unhappiness…

    So I have been putting my Nikon P6000 through its paces for the past couple weeks, and I am pretty happy with it for the most part, except for 2 things…. The battery life on this when using the GPS and an Eye-Fi card is abysmal, and that would not be an issue if the […]