GoogleMap Driving Times

I am taking my first road trip since I got the iPhone, and I decided to do a head to head with the google maps app and my Garmim GPSmap 60CSx. The routing in some cases needs some work, or at least a way to change routing preferences, because it pretty much insisted on sending me to the highway, even though city streets were over 5 miles shorter. Once I got to highway 13 the google maps app and the GPS were in agreement on the route, but not even close on the dirving time.
Both units were within a mile on the distance to go, but the time was over an hour off. The google maps apphad the driving time a full hour and twelve minutes longer then the GPS. Highway 13 on the Eastern Shore pretty much averages 55, and real world speeds are a bit faster. The google maps app figured out to an average speed of 40, while the GPS came in with a more realistic 55. So I guess the moral of the story is let the google maps apps route you, or locate you (it does a real good job at that, close to my GPS), but don’t rely too much the drive time.
Sorry about the quality of the GPS screenshot, it was taken at night, with the iPhone at 55 mph.







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