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  • GoogleMap Driving Times

    I am taking my first road trip since I got the iPhone, and I decided to do a head to head with the google maps app and my Garmim GPSmap 60CSx. The routing in some cases needs some work, or at least a way to change routing preferences, because it pretty much insisted on sending […]

  • Nottoway Not a River

    I am in the middle of re writing the mapping parts of my KayakVB, and even though I have made the decision to go with Google Maps, I still look at the others for reference. While I was looking around, I noticed that the Nottoway River had disappeared, well not really disappeared, I guess omitted […]

  • Mapping Decisions

    My kayaking site KayakVB has been behaving itself for 3 years now, with very little change, and that lack of change is really starting to be apparent. I have decided to essentially do a complete re-write. Probably the most popular section is the launch site section, that details kayak and small boat launch sites in […]