High Speed, Low Drag

The solutions, or lack thereof that Verizon tried to provide, did not work out as planned. Things did get better, into the 1.2mbps, but that is less then half of the advertised speed.

So I go with the deal from Cox, the cable got hooked up on Monday as planned, and the Modem showed up on Tuesday. I was in D.C. on Tuesday, so I just did the initial setup when I got home, I know I was tired because I couldn’t figure out a latency issue when opening a web page, but once it opened, it was fast… When I got home today I took a quick look, and fixed the DNS issue that was causing the latency, and were hauling butt…

Verizon is so fired… At least until they get FIOS in my neighborhood….

The latest results from speedtest.net, and I know I am not getting T3 speed, but it looks much better then the results with verizon….


Well I guess if I had that speed down, I’d be really unhappy with 1.8mbps as my upload speed…

I think this is a bit closer to what I am actually getting…

As well as a little closer to home

I think I’ll be happy for a while now…






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