Tag: Internet

  • Lack Of Adsense

    I enjoyed getting this one today… Notification that my there was an issue with my payment information for my adwords account, and I needed to rectify that situation I needed login as soon as possible, update my billing information, okay I’m all over that one… 🙂 Well there are a few minor issues with this […]

  • High Speed, Low Drag

    The solutions, or lack thereof that Verizon tried to provide, did not work out as planned. Things did get better, into the 1.2mbps, but that is less then half of the advertised speed. So I go with the deal from Cox, the cable got hooked up on Monday as planned, and the Modem showed up […]

  • Still Can’t Hear you…

    Well after the alleged fix, my verizon Internet access is still abysmal. As you can see these are blazing numbers, for DSL… Two minutes later, things are better, still sucky, but better, but they continue fluctuate… So we come back a half hour later, and things seem about the same as before, sucky… And here […]

  • Can’t Hear You Now…

    Tonight I spent some quality time with Verizon tech support. It seems they are having capacity issues in my area, because nightly between 5 and 9 the bandwidth is hideous, were talking close to dial-up hideous… It took an hour of, “No there is nothing wrong with my equipment, your network is having issues” to […]

  • Internet Access for only $300.00 per month…

    Man what a racket, $300.00 a month for internet access, or at least that’s what you’d pay if you stayed at some of the nicer hotels around, and relied on their Internet access. Even though I don’t travel all that much anymore, I make a couple of trips a month and stay in hotels of […]