Wireless Broadband Satellite Radio

I wanted to try this for a while, and it’s kind of different, kind of geeky…

On my drive back from Philly last week, I fired up the the Mac, and fired up the Verizon v740 wireless broadband card, and made my way down the Delmarva peninsula . Being as this is a pretty remote section of road, and knowing how coverage maps stretch the truth, I was surprised when I only lost coverage once, not sure for how long, had to wait for a red light to re-fire siriusmac, it went stupid when the connection dropped. The bottom line is I lost coverage for about 20 minutes of a 5 hour drive, probably less. I think that is about what I lose with the Sirius unit mounted in my truck.

The v740 is rapidly becoming one of my favorite tools(toys), as it has provided me with connectivity when I’ve needed it, where I’ve needed it. My DSL has been flaky at best for the past month or so, but it is working much better now, after 3 service calls to verizon. The installation on the Mac Book Pro was as simple as it could be. I plugged it in, and it worked, the only way it could have been easier is if the thing got out of the box itself and plugged itself in…






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