Irony Service

Why we are doomed…

Well I guess the the term “self fulfilling prophecy” come to mind, as well as “‘learned incompetence” ¬†with my experience of getting a couple keys made.

My daughter recently moved back to the area for Philadelphia and we needed some keys so that they could have access to our storage spot that they would have more room in the apartment. SO my wife took the key over to Home Depot, and the guys their decided it would be a good idea to have a race in making the 2 sets of keys, maybe good idea for them bad idea for us, in that some of the keys work, some don’t. This becomes a major pain in the ass, I really hate having to deal with redoing something because some knucklehead couldn’t be bothered to verify his work…

SO now I am at Lowe’s with a good key, and I see the the Minute Key machine, I decide to go all in, and give it a try. I hit the screen, inert my key, swipe my credit card and less then 5 minutes later i have what turns out to be 4 perfect keys. Thinking back to the duo of racing key cutters at Home Depot, I wonder if they even realize how easy it is to automate them right out of a job. My attitude about retail is that every customer you meet is an opportunity to shine, which is something most in retail don’t get nowadays. As profit pressure increases, along with the demands for higher wages I gotta think those jobs out there that help a lot of people make ends meet are just going to be automated out of existence, as the attitudes of those working in retail continue to go south.


The US Postal Service Still Striving for Mediocrity

So how freaking hard is it for the freaking Post Office to deliver a simple package…

I placed an order on the 14th of May that was shipped on the 15th of May at 12:48AM that UPS was able to move 946 miles in about 59 hours, an average of about 16 miles per hour. The package was delivered to the Virginia Beach Post at 11:39AM on the 17th of May.

It is now the evening of May 21st and I am approximately 3.5 miles from the post office, and the package still has not arrived, by my math it has taken over 96 hours and the USPS has moved my package at .03 MPH, and slowing…

If you ever have the shipping option of UPS SurePost, don’t pick it, unfortunately I didn’t pay attention and just wen with the default method…Page-01 Page-01UPSP

fun Service

Wheres My Prize

I read on the package and all the signs, and it says 1 in 4 is a winner, but I have 6 tickets here, and I didn’t win

iPhone Service

Upload Speed, No Problem

Ok apparently I’m special, in more then then short bus way, everyone else is having problems with the upload speed of their iPhones, on the AT&T network. It seems I have fallen into some strange parallel universe, where I had good coverage before, I now have bad coverage, and where I had bad coverage, I now have good coverage, the examples are at home and work, had good 3-4 bars at home and 1-2 bars at work, unless NAS Oceania is flying, then its 1 if I’m lucky, but it doesn’t matter the planes pretty much drown out any attempted conversation…

iPhone speedtest screen cap at work 454kbs of download and 1270kbs of upload

At work this morning I had 454kbs of download and 1270kbs of upload

iPhone screen cap at home 143kbs Down 668 up

this evening at home I had a 143kbs download and 668kbs upload

Don’t really care if it’s AT&T’s fault, Or Lucent Acaltel, or the man on the moon, just wish someone wuold man up and own the freaking problem…

Irony Service

It Made It….

Well after 3 full weeks my package finally made it to kansas, I think that when I looked it up in google maps, I could have walked it there in about the same time frame…

Thankfully Garmin used UPS ground to ship it back, and it only took three days to travel the distance.

I guess the irony in the whole situation is that it was a broken GPS that got lost….