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Satellite Radio On My Bike

I have been thinking about riding my bike to work, more to get in shape then gas prices, I use 1 gallon of gas to get to and from work, and my commute driving is ~10 minutes each way, riding my bike would make it about 35 minutes each way, and since I make more then $4 an hour, pure economics says it is not cost effective to commute by bike for me to save money. 

My big concern is what do I do without my Satellite radio, when I ride… I have thought about the stiletto, but to much money, to little bang, and to exploit it you have to have a PC, and I am 95% Macintosh at home, so that is a deal killer (Why does Sirius hate Macs so much). I have a broadband card for my MacBook Pro and I have used it as a player on the road using a player as I talked about here in the past. Maybe that and some wireless bluetooth headphones. Another option is that since I am about ready to beat my blackberry with a hammer, is to bite the bullet and bailout on Verizon and Blackberry, and jump to one of the new 3G iPhones. Since it appears that there will be several options for players on the iPhone including StarPlayr. I guess I’ll have to see how well the new iPhone integrates with Exchange (Weird reasons for that, I’ll explain later), and the enterprise.

I guess the other options are to break out the iPod and run on a 1 day delay, or drag my butt out of bed and get in before 6…

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