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Norv, I was wrong

So the AFC Championship game is just around the corner, and at mid season, I thought I’d be watching the Patriots and the Steelers, Colts, or the Jags. I didn’t think the Chargers lead by Norv had the ability to make it to the post season. Well Norv led the team to their first post season win since 95, against the Titans. Then it was off to Indy, to once more kicking their butts at home, and picking Manning 2 more times making it 8 INT’s on the season for the Chargers D against Manning. Pretty impressive considering he was only picked 14 times all year.
So the Chargers are not expected to win on Sunday,nor were they last week, but thats why they play the game. The Chargers have no expectations put upon them, no perfect season, just going out to play some ball, while the Patriots are playing for everything they are supposed to win, they have the pressure of needing to go undefeated.
All I have to say is 17 and 1 is a completely respectable record.

Go Chargers…

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