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  • Chargers Continue to Suck

    As I watch the Saint whoop up on the Giants, 21 to 3 Saints at the half… As  I watch Darren Sproles give Drew Brees extra dimension, I wonder where the Chargers would be had they not been so stupid and let Sproles go… WTF is wrong with Phil Rivers, does he want to go […]

  • Norv Turner Must Go, NOW…

    If my memory serves me, Marty had three failed attempts in the playoffs, before the Chargers fired him, now Norv has now had three failures in the post season. Norv inherited a team with tremendous talent, and has done nothing with it. Aside from the totally stupid penalties, that had to be some of the […]

  • Norv, I was wrong

    So the AFC Championship game is just around the corner, and at mid season, I thought I’d be watching the Patriots and the Steelers, Colts, or the Jags. I didn’t think the Chargers lead by Norv had the ability to make it to the post season. Well Norv led the team to their first post […]