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  • Mayor Sessoms is Delusional, and it’s contagious!

    Mayor Sessoms is Delusional, and it’s contagious!

    Mayor Sessoms is Delusional, and it’s contagious! and he’s going to spend millions of Virginia Beach Taxpayer trying to woo Amazon to open their new “Co-Headquarters” in Virginia Beach. That will never happen, because Amazon wants: The company wants to be near a metropolitan area with more than a million people. (Ok they do meet […]

  • Chargers Fail

    The San Diego Chargers lost what is essentially their final game of the season, Unless you count the pathetic bowl at Mile high next Sunday. The Chargers special teams, have plagued the chargers all season, if there is a bright spot in Sundays loss, was that it was not special teams, this weeks failure was […]

  • It Made It….

    Well after 3 full weeks my package finally made it to kansas, I think that when I looked it up in google maps, I could have walked it there in about the same time frame… Thankfully Garmin used UPS ground to ship it back, and it only took three days to travel the distance. I […]

  • Why The U.S. Postal Service Will Fail

    The US Postal Service is the model of efficiency, I shipped a package on the 7th of May, and apparently it likes the Chicago area, because it is on its third visit there…. In roughly the same time it takes Federal Express to move roughly 1 Million iPads from China, the USPS can’t move 1 […]

  • Norv Turner Must Go, NOW…

    If my memory serves me, Marty had three failed attempts in the playoffs, before the Chargers fired him, now Norv has now had three failures in the post season. Norv inherited a team with tremendous talent, and has done nothing with it. Aside from the totally stupid penalties, that had to be some of the […]