Category: Irony

  • Lotto Let Down

    Think About it… You are sitting there with a winning lotto ticket, the winning lotto ticket, is in your hand, potentially worth $1.6 Billion or ~$900 Million onetime payout… your brain is in overload, just thinking about all the things you’ll now be able to do, take care of every need of you loved ones… Then […]

  • Why we are doomed…

    Well I guess the the term “self fulfilling prophecy” come to mind, as well as “‘learned incompetence”  with my experience of getting a couple keys made. My daughter recently moved back to the area for Philadelphia and we needed some keys so that they could have access to our storage spot that they would have […]

  • Irony…

    American Signature, made in china…

  • It Made It….

    Well after 3 full weeks my package finally made it to kansas, I think that when I looked it up in google maps, I could have walked it there in about the same time frame… Thankfully Garmin used UPS ground to ship it back, and it only took three days to travel the distance. I […]

  • The Irony Of Walmart

    The other day, I was visiting my favorite website ever,, when I noticed something a little funky about the ads I was seeing. There’s just something fundamentally wrong with Brooks Brothers and Anne Taylor ads on a People Of Walmart. Interesting that a day or so after I pulled the screenshot, the ads weren’t […]