iPity The Whiners

The other day I downloaded a cool little app called iPity, all this thing does is says Mr. T sayings at random or you can select a specific saying should the need arise. I don’t know about you, but I think everyone can use Mr. T as a backup.
Then the other day I was wandering through the app store, and notice that iPity’s rating was down from 5 stars to 2, and I’m thinking WTF could make an app drop like that. Well all the whining was over the fact the the people that wrote the app have done 2 things, they made it free pissing off all the people who paid a dollar, and they added advertising without saying anything. Come on people freaking get over it, the guys that wrote the thing are entitled to some compensation, and yes it was sneaky to throw the ads in without saying anything, but Mr. T still has your back, and that is important. So is going from 5 stars to 2 really necessary, when it is essentially the same app…
Quit whining and get some nuts!!!
Can’t do the ad screen correctly because I’m on a plane, so there’s your solution, use ipity in airplane mode







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