Wall of Hype…

I was talking to several people in the capitol region today, and as you can guess the topic was the water main break in MD. After listining to the varied reports, that I was hearing of millions of gallons a minute that were pouring from the pipe, as well as the friend of a friend that has special inside connections (aka I made this up so it appears I know more then you people). I was was talking to a friend of mine when we were discussing how much water that was, well since he us a much bigger need then I am, he actually did the math, and for the amount to be anywhere near a million gallons a minute the water would have to be moving at 60 to 80 miles an hour (no I didn’t check his math) but it sounded right an being as the actual number 150,000 gallons per minute which would be around 10 miles per hour which also sounds about right…


So while were talking I was looking at the headlines, of “water main breaks” and “motorists trapped in vehicles” one really stood out “wall of water traps motorists” that one brought to you by NBC Washington. I looked at the video, and when I think of a wall I think of something taller then me, well I guess if you were right at the pipe and the water was coming out , I guess you could call that a wall, but not really.

Ok yes it was a dangerous situation, and people were injured and traumatized…

The thing is the idiots running these stations are so busy hyping and sensationalizing everything, so that when something truly bad is happening people will be so desensitized they’ll not do what is needed.






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