MNF Scheduling

I am trying to figure out who at the NFL or ESPN thought that San Francisco at Arizona would be an marquee game.  On what planet over the past few years does an NFC West match up matter to anyone, then add to that add the crack ESPN Broadcast team, and you have a recipe for making Dancing With the Stars a must see.

I remember when the NFL would make the Monday Night game schedule based on the prior year standings, but now it seems that MNF is one of those things that every team gets to do once every couple of years instead of earning it. I guess it is true parity in the NFL, making all fans suffer through a game covered by  Tony Kornheiser….

By the way Tony, the comb over isn’t working, and hasn’t been for a long time…


I am so glad I got the Sirius working in the house again, sweet relief 🙂





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