I am wondering when…

I quit smoking about 8 months ago, and started exercising more (a lot more), and eating better (not good, but better), what I am wondering is when do I start feeling better… Where is all this energy that everyone tells me I am supposed to have now with this healthier lifestyle.

I do pretty good in the mornings, but come 2 or 3 in the afternoon, I feel like I am in total carb crash mode, and this happens regardless of how much or little or what I eat. 

To be totally honest, I feel about the same as when I smoked, except for the fact that my sense of smell has gone through the roof. I can smell cigarette smoke, from a car driving by with the windows rolled up. 

I just hope it is related to the smoke from the fires, it has been triggering a real low level allergy with me. The smoke has also been pretty prominent since I really kicked up the exercise. THe allergy thing is relatively foreign to me, as I usually don’t really suffer that much, a couple of sneezes at sunset, and I am good to go till the next night.







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