LowKey Part II

After my previous post, I decided to look around, to see what others had to say about the LowKey, partly because I felt I was being to negative….

$16 for ground shipping is still outrageous, no way to make a positive about that…
One thing I noticed, was that all the people that wrote about it, apparently actually never saw one in real life, and essentially cut and pasted the press release from Macessity. The comments in a lot of places echoed my dislike of the placement of the USB hub, which made me think, does the USB hub have to be on the front, and the answer is no. I have enough ports now that I don’t need swap things out all the time. 
A quick reversal, and things look a lot nicer/cleaner, and all the cables are in the rats nest in the back of my Mac where they belong…





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