LowKey Stand…

Well this may sound a bit on the negative side, but I really do like the LowKey Stand from Macessity. The Design and concept is great…

Okay so lets hit the negatives first, it is either to low or to narrow (way to low if you don’t have a new low profile keyboard) to easily get the keyboard out if you shove it under while the mac is still on and you don’t want to hit any extraneous key while pulling it back out. The USB hub placement is one of those catch-22 situations, great to have the hub right there, but sucky to have the hub right there, and that problem could be solved if I wasn’t lazy and put my cables away. 
The other 2 issues have nothing to do with the actual design. The finish on the edges could be cleaner, I tried several ways, but I couldn’t get it to show up good on a close up picture, it looks like it is something that probably be fixed with a quick pass with some sandpaper. It just looks sloppy, the pictures below show it, but not that clear.
The biggest problem I have is that I think it is outrageous to charge $16 for shipping UPS ground, and then have it take over 2 weeks to arrive. I ordered it the 19th of February, it was supposed to ship on the  22nd, didn’t ship till the 2nd of March and got here on the 7th. 
So now what do I like about it, it is low, low enough that you don’t have that constant sense of impending doom that your Mac is going to fall off. It is sturdy, I think Macessity says it will hold 35 Lbs feels like that is a low estimate, there is now wobble or shaking here. The USB hub is a great thing, and with all the USB junk I have, it is a very welcome addition, I only wish I didn’t have the USB cables to deal with…
The bottom line is would I buy another, and the answer is yes, actually I am ordering 2 more, but I am ordering them from Other World Computing, because they are $5 cheeper, and the shipping for 2nd day is only $8





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