Norv Does Suck

So a few week ago I was ready to get on the Norv Turner band wagon, but after watching that ugly ugly win over the the Colts and that complete melt down against the Vikings has convinced me that Norv does suck, and his record (59-82-1) proves it. I didn’t catch a lot of the Vikings game, but the final score speaks volumes.

I guess any win is a good win, but the win over the Colts was about as ugly of a win as you can find. The credit on the win goes to the special teams and the defense, Sproles 2 run backs, and the defense for only allowing 2 offensive scores, and picking manning 6 times. The defense technically held the the colts to their lowest offensive output this year (14 Points) although they gave up 368 yards, they stopped them when it counted.

The offense was there, and that’s about all I can say about the offense.

Norv needs to go away, or demoted to offensive coordinator, and never be given the chance to be a head coach in the NFL again.

I guess the fact that the Chargers are currently in sole possession of first place in the AFC West, but if you take a look at the AFC West, thats not saying a lot. The Chargers still have a decent chance at making the playoffs, but I doubt that they will make it past the first round once again…






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