In-N-Out it Ain’t…

With the demise of Diego’s we had to make a decision on where to eat, and since we were in the neighborhood, we decided to try 5 guys burgers. I have heard from several people that 5 guys is just like In-N-Out. I have taken those types of recommendations with a rain of salt. Now after having actually eaten there, I can say that they are only like In-N-Out, in the fact that they use fresh meat, and cut their own fries, that where the comparison  ends.

The service was horrible, we waited at the counter for over 5 minutes, before anyone acknowledged our presence, and he seemed bothered that we were there. The place was near empty with only 3 of 12+ tables occupied, and no one else in line. Then there was the 20+ minute wait for the food, and I understand that fresh food takes more time to cook, then the microwave at fast food places, but 20+ minutes for a burger… I could understand it if the place was packed, but it wasn’t.

The burgers were not that great, it seems that they are trying for a char grilled taste, by essentially burning the meat, almost to the point it had no taste. The fries had they not been over cooked would have probably been almost as good as In-N-Out.

The overdone wallpapering of the walls with up to 6+ year old reviews was really lame, I guess they are going for the power of suggestion there, and being as the most recent was going on 2 years old, could indicate a trend. They may have been better, but you couldn’t prove it to me tonight.

The drive from Pungo to Haygood used to be worth it to go to Diego’s, but it isn’t anymore. As we were driving up Independence my Wife and I both agreed, we should have gone to Sonic, a better burger at half the cost.






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