Norv Sucks Less

Well after 2 straight conference wins, I am moving from the Norv totally sucks to the Norv sucks less camp. Well at least he’s at .500, which is better then his career record. The Chargers are off this week,so he can’t blow it this week. We got Houston coming up next week, and that should be a cake walk, and then we have Minnesota who are looking ok. The big challenge  comes in week 10 with Indy coming to town, possibly off of their first loss of the season, it could be interesting, with the last meeting the Chargers ruining the Colts undefeated 05 season, they may want some payback.
If the Chargers end up week 10 at 6 and 3 I’ll be firmly in the Norv doesn’t suck camp, and possibly in the Norv ain’t half bad camp.






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