iPod Annoyances

So I have upgraded iPod’s significantly, going from a gen1 and gen2 shuffle to an iPod touch and an iPod Classic 160. I love the shuffles simplicity, I love the touches complexity, innovation and technology, and I love the Classics storage, but I have some complaints. Nothing like one review I read complaining that the touch didn’t have a phone, really now, I think they call the iPod touch with a phone an iPhone…

So lets start with the iPod touch…
The thing I find most annoying about the iPod touch, is the way it handles video. All the menus are in portrait mode, and all the videos play in landscape. I know it is kind of petty to whine about something like that, but all the twisting back and forth could give a person carpal tunnel (I’m expecting that lame lawsuit to be filed any day). Why couldn’t they handle the video menus like cover flow? The other thing is give me the option to enter a password in clear text, instead of bullets, I haven’t used the thing enough to get the keyboard down pat yet. One cool thing I have found that I can use wifi without ever losing coverage when walking my dog, due to the number of unlocked wireless access points in my neighborhood.

On to the iPod Classic…
To date I have over a thousand songs on my iPod Classic, and growing everyday. There are a lot of songs i don’t want to listen to at any given time, thats why I have and use play lists, but I don’t necessarily want to listen to them in order. this is where the shuffle feature comes in, or at least you’d think so. I have looked in the documentation, and played with the device, and you can only shuffle all the songs, or a particular album, why not the ability to shuffle a play list. I do like having the ability to be able to move around very large files.

All in all I think they are both great gadgets and in some ways great tools.






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