Well the Chargers kicked some Denver Butt in week 5,and broke and tied some team long stanging team road records to go along with it.
The question now is Are the 06 Chargers back despite Norv, or did Norv pull his head out of his rear, and open up Martie’s playbook, and let a very talented team go out and do what they do best, win football games…

I was very happy in the first quarter with 2 scores in 11 seconds, but I was still worried, a the Chargers record in Denver is not the greatest, and Denver losing 2 straight at home is not something that happens that often.

I am still not sold on Norv, even a broken clock is right twice a day. If the Chargers come out next week, and do the same thing next Sunday to Oakland that they did to Denver, I’ll start having some faith in Norv, who needs to go something like 26 and 0 to get to a .500 record.

Come on Norv give us a reason to believe in you, and that Dean and A.J. made the right choice…

GO CHARGERS!!!!!!!!!






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