VMware Fusion Annoyance

Well I was pretty excited when VMware Fusion came out, I’ve been messing with it since the early beta days. I had both Fusion and Parallels installed on my iMac, and when I got my MacBook Pro, I decided that I would run Parallels on the iMac and Fusion on the MacBook. I did tend to spend more time Parallels then fusion, because I was using it for work, and I didn’t need the aggravation of messing with a beta product while doing serious work. Now don’t get me wrong, I really like VWares products.
So as I started using Fusion seriously on the MacBook, I kept getting the familiar bonk sound when something isn’t quite right, and I noticed that whenever the mouse lost focus of the VMware window, so would the keyboard, like in the old X windows days. I never had this issue with VMware running on Windows or Linux host environments
only with Fusion on the Mac.
I looked through all of the documentation and Knowledge Base articles, but the only thing I could find is referencing the  “Grab Input” command, which I had already tried with no luck.
This is really annoying, and I’m thinking on dumping Fusion and dropping another $80 on a another copy of Parallels, at least until the product matures a little more. I have no desire to run in full screen mode, I could have gone with bootcamp, and while unity mode is nice, I like to keep the windows stuff in a window.






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