Parallels 3.0 Annoyances

Kind of annoyed with Parallels 3.0 right now, not mad or upset, just annoyed.
It seems that the “SmartSelect” feature screws up the owning
application default, and assigns them to a windows application. For
instance, I received an email with an attached word file, and when I
went to open it from within Entourage, a new window popped up telling
me that this is the first time I have opened Internet Explorer, Are you
sure… I clicked on the Show Application button and it takes me to the
windows folder containing IE… I was having a WTF moment… I went and
looked at other files on my machine, and it seems that of the office
apps that was right, was PowerPoint, XLS files are defaulted to Excel

I’m still not sold on the whole Coherence, I already have enough
going on on my desktop, without having to worry about windows apps
eating up real estate. I think I like them stuck in their window, but
it’s not a big deal because Coherence doesn’t just turn itself on…

The other thing I am not a big fan of, is having the Mac Apps show
up in the Recently used section of the start menu in windows, I like
the recently used windows stuff there, not the mac stuff. Not a fan of
the Parallels Shared Apps folder, and its complete disregard for any
folder structure, that exists in the Mac applications folder… You
would think that the Parallels Shared Apps folder would also exist in
the Finder, it may, I haven’t really looked that hard.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that Parallels is a great application, I would just change a few things…






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