Doing what they do

I walked down the road from the hotel, to an area  where you can watch planes do what planes do, and I sit here thinking if the amount of infrastructure it takes to operate just one airport and all the associated costs, and you wonder why airline tickets are not like a minimum of $8,000, and it’s even more amazing that I can fly from RDU Raleigh Durham round trip for about $100 less then it costs to take the train, and on top of it being  about 5 hours quicker.


Now when you ride the train you see all kinds of deteriorating infrastructure all the stations are crap they are almost always late…

so what is the big difference here could it be that Amtrak is run by the federal government  as another social experiment and the airlines are all businesses built to make profit to keep their stockholders happy


A Tree Alone In the River

interesting things you see on the train, a tree growing on an old concrete trestle…

Tree on trestle

The tree(s) will be responsible for their own demise over time…


Homeward Happy Place Bound…

Work done in Philly and DC, and now I’m heading home  on Amtrak train 125…

had to wear shoes and long pants for 4 days in a row!

this travel update brought to you by Tropicana Orange Juice and Finlandia Vodka

Stuff travel

Whittles Mill Dam

What a difference a week makes…
This was last week after a couple of days of  thunderstorms…

Whittles Mill

And Whittles Mill

This was this week, after relatively no storms for several days…

Grest little swimming hole, and the kids had a blast playing in the water…



More Angry Atlantic

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I had some free time this morning before my meeting started so I decided to break out the big camera and take a few pictures. Of course I’ve not been spending enough time with my camera lately, and had the ISO jacked so these are a bit grainy…

Had meetings with the same group “The Noblemen” last year with pretty much the same weather and conditions but didn’t have my camera.

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