Tag: OS X

  • Name Mangler

    I have been looking for something like Name Mangler for a while now, and as typical when you aren’t looking for something you find it. That was the case for me with Name Mangler. Every now and then I have large numbers of files, that I need to rename to a sequential naming scheme, like […]

  • Where Is The Value?

    I have been reading quite a bit about the “Apple Alternative” Psystar’s Open Computing, and their “Mac Clone”, and I am not really seeing the value here. What is the value in something that is essentially not going to exist in the near future, or as soon as apple’s lawyers get their hands on them, […]

  • Adventures In Time (Machine), Fusion defused…

    Well after deciding that it was a waste of time, trying to get VMWare fusion to properly talk to my Apple USB Modem, or any USB modem. I decided to bite the bullet, and throw a small Boot Camp partition on my drive for a while, and it really did and does feel so wrong, […]