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  • Taco Thursday

    Its 6PM on Thursday night in Kenbridge and the constant hum of the generator at the supertest gas station on Broad St, can only mean on thing… Its Taco Thursday “Tacos El Milagro” is another simple joy that comes with living in Kenbridge and Southside (the best side) Virginia

  • Eat It Up

    So why is it illegal in most places for me to talk on my cell phone while driving, but morons can pull out of a McDonalds with a Egg McMuffin in one hand and a hot coffee in the other?

  • Never had a chance

    Never had a chance

    Shrimp husks

  • Bud & Marylyns

    Bud & Marylyns

    Started with the fried cheese curds that were almost as good as having them in a parking lot in Green Bay before a packers game…    Then continued with the fried chicken which was very good breading was a little different but good      

  • Now I Know Where to Go for Gravy

    Well a while back I told you that the Bennigans at Lynnhaven was history… A couple weeks ago the Cracker Barrel opened in it’s place