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  • Better Time Lapse…

    I used my filter, and a few adjustments, and I think this is a lot better. There are a few flares and some dark spots, trying to figure out what is going to be best to combat it…

  • Adventures In Time Lapse

    I’ve been messing around with some time lapse stuff, mainly pointing the camera out my office window, and letting it rip… This is a series shot at 10 second intervals, and played back at 20 frames per second, its is a thousand frames over  almost 3 hours… The lens flares are because I did not […]

  • Nikon D5000 Overheat Problems….

    I did several searches on this problem. and I am still wondering if it is just me, because I couldn’t find a similar issue posted anywhere… I went to the Delaware State Fair on Friday, and i had my Nikon D5000 with me, shot a lot of pictures or so I thought, because today I […]