Tag: Annoyance

  • Eat It Up

    So why is it illegal in most places for me to talk on my cell phone while driving, but morons can pull out of a McDonalds with a Egg McMuffin in one hand and a hot coffee in the other?

  • Nikon D5000 Overheat Problems….

    I did several searches on this problem. and I am still wondering if it is just me, because I couldn’t find a similar issue posted anywhere… I went to the Delaware State Fair on Friday, and i had my Nikon D5000 with me, shot a lot of pictures or so I thought, because today I […]

  • Monday Night Football…

    Would someone at ESPN please come to their senses and get rid of that annoying looser Tony Kornheiser, he has to be the absolute worst thing to happen to football. As much as everyone hated Dennis Miller on MNF, I am sure that the Dennis Miller haters would welcome him back with open arms, after […]

  • So whats up with the !$title$!

    I am pretty sure it’s not me, because I have seen it elsewhere today. I am guessing there is a minor bug in the wordpress app, that creates an initial post titled !$title$! With other place holders in an initial post. I wonder if that is the app checking to see if it can actually […]

  • Lack Of Adsense

    I enjoyed getting this one today… Notification that my there was an issue with my payment information for my adwords account, and I needed to rectify that situation I needed login as soon as possible, update my billing information, okay I’m all over that one… 🙂 Well there are a few minor issues with this […]