iPhone travel

Been Busy

It has been a busy time for me the past couple weeks, and that is the primary reason I have not posted…
Last year with my shiney new iPhone and an early wordpress app, I live blogged the Delaware state fair, well it is a year later, and I have a shiney new iPhone 3Gs and I am driving up the Eastern Shore to the Delaware state fair in Harrington. My arsenal has grown, and I will outline the entire mess sometime next week, but I will also be sending a lot of pics to my flickr account as well as some video if the mood strikes me…

The mophie juicepack is charged, So stay tuned Friday for all the excitement the Delaware state fair has to offer


iPhone Update Follow Up

It has been about 2 weeks since I updated my iPhone, and with a few minor issues, it has been a very good thing…
The minor issues are that battery life while greatly improved, it still could be better… I don’t really use the phone a lot, but if I did, I’m pretty sure I would not be a happy camper. The days that I have not kept it on the dock, the battery is pretty low by quitting time, and essentially gone by 7 or 8 PM. If I was a heavy phone user I doubt it would make it to 4PM.
Lockups are fairly rare now, but still do occur to often, I think I have had 3 in the past 2 weeks. My blackberry was going stupid at least once a day just prior to my transition. It seems that I need to reset the device every couple days or it gets sluggish.
I was not really having a problem with dropped calls, except to the usual yahoos who I have always had dropped calls with.
Coverage rocks, I have had it out on the middle of Back Bay, with 3 bars of coverage, and was getting good speed on google maps. Everywhere else I am getting much better coverage, including my office, about the only place I lose coverage is the elevator, and the stairwell.