So I was the first kid on my block and office to download and install StarPlayr 1.7.7 (Morpheus, Final Release), and what a great improvement over the previous versions.
The addition of StarMP3 Trooper is great, I had a bunch of residual asf files, although I was getting used to using VLC
to listen to the stuff I missed during the day, because of minor issues
in previous versions, and possibly my machine, not doing the conversion
of the entire file…

Here’s a word to the wise, make sure you run through all the steps
of starcasting, via iCal, because the iCal engine when firing up for
the first time, will want your approval because it is a downloaded app.
Happened to me on the first day, but Howard is on vacation, so it was
not a real big deal for me…

For me there are only 2 things lacking…

  1. I would love to see an indicator and some type of controls, to
    deal with buffering (Paws) so that you can fast forward, reverse, jump
    over commercials and such like a starmate or stiletto,  my freaking
    Sirius bill is $30 a month, and I really don’t need to hear another
    “Income at home” commercial
  2. Mindy really needs to return as the icon for StarPlayr, and if not Mindy, I am thinking Bailey…