Annoying Football media

There is a Football GOD…

When I saw the headline Gruden to replace Kornheiser on MNF, on Fox Sports today, I knew there was a Football God and that our collective stay in Monday Night Football purgatory was officially over…. 

I have no idea how Gruden will fare, but anything has to be better then the worst ever football announcer in the history of the game.

I am not buying into the story that it was Kornholers choice, I have never ever talked to anyone that could even tolerate him, and I guess I don’t have to do the Sirius MNF sync trick, and I was getting so good at it…


Monday Night Football…

Would someone at ESPN please come to their senses and get rid of that annoying looser Tony Kornheiser, he has to be the absolute worst thing to happen to football. As much as everyone hated Dennis Miller on MNF, I am sure that the Dennis Miller haters would welcome him back with open arms, after being exposed to the constant annoyance of Kornheiser.
Unfortunately my Sirius Satellite Radio in the house is broken, so I didn’t have my alternatives for audio.