Political Annoyances

So the Virginia Primary is tomorrow, and I am already over the 2008 presidential campaign.
My phone has rang no less then 10 times tonight from unknown callers, who I can only guess were going to tell me how important my vote is, and I need to get out there and vote for whomever, and while I’m at it could I breakout the checkbook and send them money to help stop whomever from ruining the country. Well I didn’t answer the phone, and I don’t even know if I am going to bother voting tomorrow, yes I am experiencing voter apathy.

I did the math a while ago, on the 2 states the media says are so important to the future of this country, Iowa and New Hampshire, because if you don’t do well there forget about it. The 2 states in question contain about 1% of the population, and an even lower percentage of eligible voters, and I could care less about how these people vote. I think the system in this country needs to be revamped.

  1. Have all the primary’s on one day, like the First Tuesday after the first Monday in June. No campaigning until lets say the first Monday in April, you cant even declare prior to that date, the FCC would require media outlets to not take any advertising until that date,violation would result in revocation of their license.
  2. Anyone holding federal office would be required to resign upon declaration of their candidacy, if your so sure of yourself, lets see you risk your job for something you believe in, and I don’t think you really have the country’s best interest or my tax dollar in mind if you are out there trying to get your mug on TV.
  3. End Political rally’s, talk about something that should be left in the past as an history lesson, they only waste time money and energy (Not very green).
  4. No more phone calls, if I am stupid enough that my mind can be changed from a phone call, I shouldn’t be allowed to vote in the first place.
  5. No more mailers, another big waste of resources, all that paper, that just gets thrown away.
  6. No more conventions, another relic of the past,
  7. I’m also thinking to balance things out First place is President, Second is Vice President, and Third is Secretary of State, and everyone only gets one vote, so choose wisely. Would make for some interesting cabinet meetings.
  8. If you can’t figure out how to poke a hole in a piece of paper, then you are too stupid to vote.

Thats about it.

Annoying media

Annoying Announcers

I’m beginning to wish that the networks would bring back the football games without announcers. My largest pet peeve is that when it is first and 10 anywhere between the 10 and 15 yard line that every announcer feels compelled to inform us that they can get a first down without getting a touchdown, and the worst offender I have seen recently is bryant gumble. I swear it seemed that every other sentence out of his mouth the other night, was the possibility of the offense’s ability to make a first down prior to making a touchdown… I don’t know for a fact, but I am pretty sure that no NFL team has a play or practices to get that first down prior to the touchdown, why, because it doesn’t matter. I believe I heard once that every play is “designed” to put 6 points on the scoreboard, so shut-up about useless stats.

The other thing that annoys me is the hypocrisy of the networks, the announcers and to a point the NFL, as far as end zone celebrations. If end zone celebrations are that bad for the game, ban them, and if anyone celebrates in the end zone, eject them from the game and fine them equivalent to their weekly pay, otherwise quit complaning about them. Every outrageous end zone celebration for some reason¬† ends up on every highlight reel.¬† Television pretty much eliminated fans from running out on the field, by cutting away to commercial or whatever. Now I personally could care less what a player does after a touch down, and I am pretty sure the networks feel the same way, because any press bad or good equals ratings, and ratings equal revenue. I do have one stipulation, no celebrations when your team is below .500, or if you team is so far behind that there is no way you’ll ever win