Annoying media

Lions and Tigers and Holograms Oh My…

CNN has taken the media crap level to a new low
Their whiz bang hologram, is just stupid, but I am sure that the typical CNN viewer is getting all excited and call the neighbors asking if they saw the magic on the moving picture box. Anyone impressed by this, probably wonders how they move the yellow first down line on football broadcasts.
Then there is the pain of watching talking heads trying to navigate a touch screen aka “Magic Wall” with way to much information on it. It was to funny watching this guy going up on his tip toes while the screen is not responding to his input, the only thing that would have made it funnier is for the thing to blue screen right there on national TV.

Come on CNN, you have all those technology people behind the scenes who’s job it is to make the magic, instead of the pain of watching the talking heads stumble through the menus. Had I known there was the potential comedy effect, I would have broken out some beer and enjoyed.

It is interesting to note the there is a substantial number of Cisco Telepresence commercials.