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Upload Speed, No Problem

Ok apparently I’m special, in more then then short bus way, everyone else is having problems with the upload speed of their iPhones, on the AT&T network. It seems I have fallen into some strange parallel universe, where I had good coverage before, I now have bad coverage, and where I had bad coverage, I now have good coverage, the examples are at home and work, had good 3-4 bars at home and 1-2 bars at work, unless NAS Oceania is flying, then its 1 if I’m lucky, but it doesn’t matter the planes pretty much drown out any attempted conversation…

iPhone speedtest screen cap at work 454kbs of download and 1270kbs of upload

At work this morning I had 454kbs of download and 1270kbs of upload

iPhone screen cap at home 143kbs Down 668 up

this evening at home I had a 143kbs download and 668kbs upload

Don’t really care if it’s AT&T’s fault, Or Lucent Acaltel, or the man on the moon, just wish someone wuold man up and own the freaking problem…

Annoying iPhone

Why Do They Let Ballmer Speak in Public

In this AP Article, Steve Ballmer makes the following statement:

“Let’s face it, the Internet was designed for the PC. The Internet is not designed for the iPhone,” Ballmer said. “That’s why they’ve got 75,000 applications — they’re all trying to make the Internet look decent on the iPhone.”

Now one of the marketing strategy’s Microsoft uses, is that there are so many more applications for windows then there are for the Mac. So does that mean that Steve Ballmer is saying that the Mac is the better computer for the Internet, because it needs less applications to make the Internet look decent…

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iPhone MMS is Live!

MMS is live now available via update on iTunes. 2 second download and a restart and you’re good to go….

Annoying iPhone Satellite

Sirius iPhone App FAIL 2.0

I’m wondering as a Sirius customer, and a stock holder, does the management of Sirius really understand their customers? I am thinking the answer there is no. No one I know wants to hear freaking DJ’s babble on about their wedding DJ business, or how they can’t find the right man. That’s what terrestrial radio is for, and sirius is in the process of turning sattelite radio into exactly that, how long before we hear “be the 72nd caller and win a Sirius suprise pack”…

They could have turned this into a win win for everyone…

I tried to give the iPhone app another go, but in typical fashion they throw a wrench in the works… Thats all I want is to have to tell a stupid app I want to continue listening…

As far a the omission of howard goes, I think Macenstein nailed it on the head, basically says it is howard’s fault, and since howard said nothing about the app on Thursday’s show I tend to agree, I wonder if there will be any mention on Monday…

P.S. Would somebody at SIRIUS freaking FIRE Richard Blade…. I am so tired of hearing about his freaking DJ business , save it for FM you DORK….



Downloaded the iphone app today, and added premium service to my account, only to find out Sirius’s definition of “Everything” does not include howard….