Probowl is a joke

Force of habit, turned on NFL network, catch up on football news, and they are replaying the Pro Bowl…

The pro bowl is unwatchable live, and they feel the need to replay it.

The NFL needs to eliminate this embarrassment, the stands look half empty, and the announcers trying to make it seem important, but failing, even the officials sound bored…

The punt pass kick would probably draws better


Chargers Fail

The San Diego Chargers lost what is essentially their final game of the season, Unless you count the pathetic bowl at Mile high next Sunday.
The Chargers special teams, have plagued the chargers all season, if there is a bright spot in Sundays loss, was that it was not special teams, this weeks failure was a team effort.
The level of play on Sunday was pathetic, and I’m guessing that in the coming post season, the wholesale changes that need to happen in special teams won’t happen.
I am amazed that the special teams coaches survived week 4, but they did, as for the players ther should also be a significant shake up there as well, the punting unit failed their punter Scifres almost every week, by making sure he abused by the opposing return unit, I’m amazed that he didn’t just quit the team around week 4…
The Chargers have tremendous talent, going into the future, and I hope that next year is better.


Norv Turner Must Go, NOW…

If my memory serves me, Marty had three failed attempts in the playoffs, before the Chargers fired him, now Norv has now had three failures in the post season. Norv inherited a team with tremendous talent, and has done nothing with it. Aside from the totally stupid penalties, that had to be some of the stupidest play calling in a post season game.

The Chargers have the second worst running game in the NFL, and the Jets have one of the best run defenses in the NFL, so why did they try to run in critical situations…

Even though Norv is the winningest coach in the history of the Chargers, Norv still needs to go 8 and ) to get to .500 as a head coach


The only question is, when Norv is fired who do they replace him with, Jim Zorn?

Football Stuff

Norv, I was wrong

So the AFC Championship game is just around the corner, and at mid season, I thought I’d be watching the Patriots and the Steelers, Colts, or the Jags. I didn’t think the Chargers lead by Norv had the ability to make it to the post season. Well Norv led the team to their first post season win since 95, against the Titans. Then it was off to Indy, to once more kicking their butts at home, and picking Manning 2 more times making it 8 INT’s on the season for the Chargers D against Manning. Pretty impressive considering he was only picked 14 times all year.
So the Chargers are not expected to win on Sunday,nor were they last week, but thats why they play the game. The Chargers have no expectations put upon them, no perfect season, just going out to play some ball, while the Patriots are playing for everything they are supposed to win, they have the pressure of needing to go undefeated.
All I have to say is 17 and 1 is a completely respectable record.

Go Chargers…

Annoying media

Annoying Announcers

I’m beginning to wish that the networks would bring back the football games without announcers. My largest pet peeve is that when it is first and 10 anywhere between the 10 and 15 yard line that every announcer feels compelled to inform us that they can get a first down without getting a touchdown, and the worst offender I have seen recently is bryant gumble. I swear it seemed that every other sentence out of his mouth the other night, was the possibility of the offense’s ability to make a first down prior to making a touchdown… I don’t know for a fact, but I am pretty sure that no NFL team has a play or practices to get that first down prior to the touchdown, why, because it doesn’t matter. I believe I heard once that every play is “designed” to put 6 points on the scoreboard, so shut-up about useless stats.

The other thing that annoys me is the hypocrisy of the networks, the announcers and to a point the NFL, as far as end zone celebrations. If end zone celebrations are that bad for the game, ban them, and if anyone celebrates in the end zone, eject them from the game and fine them equivalent to their weekly pay, otherwise quit complaning about them. Every outrageous end zone celebration for some reason¬† ends up on every highlight reel.¬† Television pretty much eliminated fans from running out on the field, by cutting away to commercial or whatever. Now I personally could care less what a player does after a touch down, and I am pretty sure the networks feel the same way, because any press bad or good equals ratings, and ratings equal revenue. I do have one stipulation, no celebrations when your team is below .500, or if you team is so far behind that there is no way you’ll ever win